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The Benefits of Prototyping
A prototype is an initial working model of the final product. It is usually developed quickly so as to showcase what the final product will look like. Very little emphasis is put on the quality of the product at this stage since the purpose is to just give a general idea of the product in question. This prototype is then examined so as to identify the areas that can be improved. After it has been made to satisfaction, they then move on to the production of the actual product which is then deployed into the market. This a good option of going about manufacturing. This is because there are a lot of benefits involved with prototyping. The following are some of them.
When it comes to prototyping, defects are able to be identified early enough. Any innovation stands the risk of a few errors here and there. If these defects are realized when the product is deep into the development stage, it might be quite costly and difficult to rectify. It is therefore crucial for an error to be identified as soon as is possible. Having a prototype means people will get to interact with the product before it is actually manufactured. This way, users are able to identify any shortcomings with the particular product. This feedback is then conveyed to the developer who is able to rectify the stated errors. By the end of it all, the manufacturer will move on to build a product that is almost perfect.
Through prototyping, the manufacturer is at the advantage of being able to capture the requirements more accurately. As a manufacturer, you depend on a client’s description of the product to be developed so as to get an idea of what they require. This by nature may lead to inaccurate, incomplete and inconsistent information. It is very paramount that you capture the requirements of a product as keenly as possible. Failure to this will mean building a product that is not useful or satisfactory to the client. You should consider prototyping to aid you in this. You can use the initial vague requirements from the client to build a prototype. As they interact with it, they will be able to give you feedback on what they want. This way, their requirements will continue to become clearer helping you to eventually come up with a product that is of optimal satisfaction to the user.
Another benefit of prototyping is that you get a chance to prove your skills. Seeing is believing. It is for this reason that people might doubt your capabilities without seeing any evidence for it. As a manufacturer, expressing your skill through words can be difficult and might even mean you losing a client if they are not convinced by your words. However, you can demonstrate your skills further by building a prototype for their desired product. This way, they are able to interact with it physically and make a better judgment on your skill. This might also come in handy when you are looking to fund a particular project. Investors will be more confident in you when they are able to see what you are capable of.


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— 13. 4. 2020

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