When you say trail, we often imagine very strenuous and interesting jogging paths that lead through nature, between the fields or also quietly next to the road. In other words, the trail runs everywhere.
If this is among your hobbies, you are sure to be looking for the perfect outfit and especially in the complete set just for this incredibly physically demanding activity.

We know the renowned Swedish Craft brand! This brand allows you to buy a T-shirt in which you can hide the necessary energy supply to run. You will also have an elongated zipper that solves the immediate need for ventilation. You can buy shorts in this kit with an inner fixed leg that will not be won and will have a pocket for everything. This set also includes a three-layer sewing jacket, including a hood and a very good membrane with a high-quality water column and an amazing breathability. Last but not least, glued seams will ensure that really this outfit will give you everything you need!

— 4. 5. 2019