Your kitchen complies with the required parameters, but is already perocouseed. Are you thinking of painting it with the selected color/Do you like the red?/or do you fancy a self-adhesive wallpaper?
Hold. Have you heard that there are all sorts of new doors to kitchen lines? So for those interested a few information: according to your choice of material, color, pattern, gloss or mat you can have a new old kitchen and it will not be so demanding. Doors in different collections and price ranges await you.
Do not forget about practicality and maintenance
Information, photos, dimensions, contacts can be found on the website of the various companies that produce the kitchen door. They add them and also mount according to your requirements in reasonable delivery deadlines, so that your new kitchen is soon to be used. Feel free to choose. And do not forget about the practicality, efficiency and maintenance of the door.

— 4. 5. 2019