The council spoof the time, Kedy Som has prenajala the first apartment. The end of the SOM stood a few times in the life of her own on her own legs, and she could have had a seba. Mala som the little Man from the parents and no longer had a simple taste. It is a very bad bus ride. Preto som SA decided to deal in the Rovnakom meste, where Som worked. She approached Som one realitnú kanceláriu, Masterminds helped me with a prenájom.
The delicate worries
It used to be som in a single byte. She had to get a look and a few more stuffers. Bol's cozy apartment and to work som to mala len pätnásť minút journey. There were my co-classmates, my fellow girls, with the Ktors som started to go to practice. We had a Pilates. Kúpila som si a workout jersey, najviac sa I had a ponuka trade craft.

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